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    vie - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vie

    (verb) compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others
    Synonyms : compete , contend
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for vie

Pronounce it as 'Why' and observe the gesture i.e; right thumb up asking someone the question ' Why'.. and indeed you show your thumb up whenever you CHALLENGE some person

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vie sounds like "SYE", which means the challenge nothing but competing.

it sounds as "why" as competitors think "why would someone else win the game"

vie comes from "invite" we invite someone to compete

Vie and shy are rhyming words. Vie, is to compete with someone, but, shy is the opposite...you shy away from public (do not come forward).

vie ~ eye ; you always keep an eye on you competitor so that you can COMPETE (VIE) well !

Vie-Wii...Nintendo Wii(Vie) COMPETE with Sony PlayStation...There is goes...Vie-Compete


vie rhymes with pie...imagine a pie-race, who can eat 10 pies

u have a dodge viper(vie) car. what wud u do? u wud compete with other cars!

The two groups were vying* for buying* the land.

vie rhymes with tie. Very competitive matches tie.

"Vie" sounds like "bhai"...politicians to each other greet calling BHAI but behind they COMPETE

when u ask d qsn "Why" d teacher feels challanged / fear of embarrasment in frnt of ur peers

v stands for victory coming after competing

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