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    discredit - Dictionary definition and meaning for word discredit

    (noun) the state of being held in low esteem
    Synonyms : disrepute
    Example Sentence
    • your actions will bring discredit to your name
    • because of the scandal the school has fallen into disrepute
    (verb) cause to be distrusted or disbelieved
    Example Sentence
    • The paper discredited the politician with its nasty commentary
    (verb) damage the reputation of
    Synonyms : disgrace
    Example Sentence
    • This newspaper story discredits the politicians
    (verb) reject as false; refuse to accept
    Synonyms : disbelieve
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for discredit

U will give the credit card to that person whom u have confidence.Dis means not having confidence

REMEMBER this word means, not to give credit, as opposed to credit (TO GIVE FAME OR CREDIT).

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to reduce the credit's of some one!..

the person who takes things on credit (udhar) is always defamed or discredited

when u dont get credit to ur work ull destry ur confidence...

read as opposite of credit. Credit means to acknowledge, so when you don't give credit to others you defame him/her, or when your confidence in him/her is destroyed

Word used in video below:
text: famous enemies to discredit him
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