vapid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vapid

(adj) lacking taste or flavor or tang
Example Sentence
  • a bland diet
  • insipid hospital food
  • flavorless supermarket tomatoes
  • vapid beer
  • vapid tea
(adj) lacking significance or liveliness or spirit or zest
Example Sentence
  • a vapid conversation
  • a vapid smile
  • a bunch of vapid schoolgirls

Memory aid to help you memorize this

vapid sounds similar to rapid(~ very rapid)... If you cook in a rapid manner, you may spoil the taste of the food, or say, when you eat may not get the taste of the food.
75        16
Vapid is not Rapid and hence dull.....
17        3
antonym of rapid--vapid
5        20
VAPID....VAPour......vapour are vapid in nature as they does nt have any significance...... vap..VAPPA..WINE...which is insipid in taste,.....
2        9
Vapid sounds like 'Vaaipaadu' in tamil which means Numerical Tables. 5 tables, 6 tables etc. Which are btw boring .
1        7
rapids are not vapid, rapids are bumpy not flat.
0        5
Va-pid :vammo pidasa kattukupoyindiga pappu,Inkatha taste emuntundi.2.alaa pidasa kattukupoyinattuga koorchunnttunnav boring ga
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