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    unconscionable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word unconscionable

    (adj) lacking a conscience
    Synonyms : conscienceless
    Example Sentence
    • a conscienceless villain
    • brash, unprincipled, and conscienceless
    • an unconscionable liar
    (adj) greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation
    Example Sentence
    • exorbitant rent
    • extortionate prices
    • spends an outrageous amount on entertainment
    • usurious interest rate
    • unconscionable spending
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for unconscionable

unconscionable is un + conscio + nable...and conscience means to know what is morally acceptable but unconscious means not aware of the acceptable amount and therefore the same as unconscionable.

Unconscionable is the same as immeasurable... something that is beyond compare... uncomparable.

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un(not)+con(considering)+science(logic/reason). so unconscience means beyond reason or not guided by logic(science)

2012 is the end of world is a UN CONdition SCIence report. Not right or reasonable

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