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    subdue - Dictionary definition and meaning for word subdue

    (verb) put down by force or intimidation
    Synonyms : keep down , quash , reduce , repress , subjugate
    Example Sentence
    • The government quashes any attempt of an uprising
    • China keeps down her dissidents very efficiently
    • The rich landowners subjugated the peasants working the land
    (verb) to put down by force or authority
    Synonyms : conquer , curb , inhibit , stamp down , suppress
    Example Sentence
    • suppress a nascent uprising
    • stamp down on littering
    • conquer one's desires
    (verb) hold within limits and control
    Synonyms : crucify , mortify
    Example Sentence
    • subdue one's appetites
    • mortify the flesh
    (verb) get on top of; deal with successfully
    Synonyms : get over , master , overcome , surmount
    Example Sentence
    • He overcame his shyness
    (verb) make subordinate, dependent, or subservient
    Synonyms : subordinate
    Example Sentence
    • Our wishes have to be subordinated to that of our ruler
    (verb) correct by punishment or discipline
    Synonyms : chasten , tame
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for subdue

After winning the Match when he was asked about the Party.. He said..SAB DUE hai..fir dunga..

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Kauravas subdue DUEtkrida (gambling in sanskrit) against Pandavas....

in hindi sub means all and in english do means to do work r anything,a women telling her servants to do worl.that is by subdue.so she is keeping them in her control

subdue=sub+due...sub=subject..due=sth like backlog....so he still has one subject due...so that prsn is unhappy bout it

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