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    subjugate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word subjugate

    (verb) put down by force or intimidation
    Synonyms : keep down , quash , reduce , repress , subdue
    Example Sentence
    • The government quashes any attempt of an uprising
    • China keeps down her dissidents very efficiently
    • The rich landowners subjugated the peasants working the land
    (verb) make subservient; force to submit or subdue
    Synonyms : subject
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for subjugate

it just sound in hindi like "SaB JUkhkege mere GATE ke aage"...mean conquer , bring under control..(it sounds good) ;)

It sounds like: subdue + gate. i.e., put the gate down i.e., conquer a place.

SAB+JO+GATE...imagine people who are standing near the gate of the house of a politician to protest...what will happen...they will be put down by force or intimidation

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women subjugate after they conjugate :P

subjugate...sounds like subject......so imagine if you are the only authority who is SUBJECTED TO bring the situation under control......and if something happens you will be accountable for everything...so you have to CONQUER...every situation in fav

sub jugaad hai mere pass - everything is under control

Sab + Jo + Gate >> Sab jo gate pe khade hai woh mere guards hai... im the ruler.. i dominate them..


subjugate = sub (every) + jug (age) + ate(eat); Every bad or good time he has passed i.e he can control every situation.

subjudge(subjug(ate)- who dominate corruption from evil society.

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