recluse - Dictionary definition and meaning for word recluse

(noun) one who lives in solitude
(adj) withdrawn from society; seeking solitude
Synonyms : reclusive , withdrawn
Example Sentence
  • lived an unsocial reclusive life

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recluse

re+close . Closed=hermit
33       9

by emdmehr

recLUSE : read luse as lose ; if u lose in any game u like to live alone
19       8

by shubhamgadekar

sounds like seclude
13       8

by keyurpatel87

You get in a car WRECK and LOSE your teeth. You're so embarassed you hide in your house and never come out again.
3       3


RE(retreat)+CLUSE(close)- Retreat from being close to people.
3       0


snds like let loose-so let loose from society
2       0

by mdhineshm

re+CLUSE if you consider the second part which sounds as clues which are ISOLATED,LONE away from our eyes.
1       5

by daringdavin

sounds like reckless/ a reckless person lives lonely
1       4

by jaga

sounds like exclude..
1       3

by 1.6k

sounds like reh+loose---live alone
1       1

by ashleyswift

really+closed...shut from the outside world
1       1

by Thisisnotme

If u lose any game and say it s a record lose, then u like to live alone and avoid people.
1       0

by sameersrinivas90

RE+CLUSE Concentrateing on ecluse=excluse(exclusive)....which means sth different from others
0       4

by pallavi_limat

Ree couldnt get a CLUE. true, she LOSE the game of love. now Ree live alone. hermit status, all day everyday. sad ta say.
0       0

by maha4

re(remain)+ close
0       0

by Dhavalmaster

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