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   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mawkish

"Maa" ka "kiss" hamesha sentimental aur emotional hota hai!

mawk close to MOCK..so if someone mocks at you...and you are sentimental..then its a sad situation.

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Mawkish: Read it as -Make+Wish: An insincerely emotional person is always ready to make wish..

Mock + Kiss = Mawkish or insincere emotion.

My MAW is icky sweet and sentimental about loving us kids!

MAWKISH -> MOCK means fake. Mawkish means faking emotion.

Girls get sentimental when you kiss them. They also think its wrong and stop u for there maa sake

mawkish=malfish;looking at mal[bad] fish is sickening

mawkish = maw maw is done by cat to please sentimentally the ower & to get the care & food.

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