Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for rebuke

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sounds like REEBOK.....u'll SCOLD HARSHLY n CRITICIZE SEVERELY ur servant as he has spoiled ur reebok shoes..

rebuke~'Angry Duke';An angrly duke will scold badly or criticize badly

rebike ~ re-puke. puking is a disgusting form of criticizing. you are re-puking. that is criticizing sharply. hence rebuke.

rebuke concentrate on BUK....when ANGRY u keep buk buk[NEGATIVE] and dont allow others to speak.

rebuke = rebok shoes se peetna, not actually, but literally, itna jada scold karna !!

Rebuke sounds like dispute which means an argument so at arguments, you criticize other people

if someone wears my Reebok(brand) shoes, i rebuke(reprimand) him

Book (file criminal charges) some one for his reply

after taking full meal u feel re (again) buke(empty stomach) so the owner of the hotel severly criticize his worker.

Rebuke for using Nuke weopons

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