berate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word berate

(verb) censure severely or angrily
Example Sentence
  • The mother scolded the child for entering a stranger's car
  • The deputy ragged the Prime Minister
  • The customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for berate

his friends berated(criticized) him for showing them b-rated movie..
56       1

by vivek.....

brate - b + rate : So if you will watch B RATing movie you will be scolded
10       2

by sanchit

be+rate ~ he was RATEd BElow expectations and hence forth scolded.
6       0

by logic87

berate- berry + ate He scolded me strongly as i ate his berry
5       0

by karthipk

2       4

by emdmehr

lets break Be+Rate. when we go to something as we see different rates in different shops..and we scold them as aBEy RATE kya re......
2       6

by tariq431

DErate(not to rete someone is also a kind of scolding)....when you berate someone, you derate him.....
2       0

by nileshdive

The servant failed to get the Basmati rice at the desired RATE, therefore the owner scolded him severely.
1       0

by smartankit_27

when girl came to know she was be..rated by others she scolded them strongly(berated )
1       1

by yasha

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