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   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for chide

chide can be remembered as "hide". You hide to avoid getting scolded for what you have done.......

if children hide parents chide

(hindi language used) this word sound as chaddi ( under wear). If u gonna ask your mom about your chaddi she will scold you and teach you to keep your chaddi in place.

remember chide as child(small child)...we scold them if they do nythin wrong

sounds like child who are always scolded and rebuked.

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CHIDE...chid means annoy in marathi....when someone is annoying you persistantly, you will rebuke,scold him.....

chide sounds like child and we will be scolding the childs when they made a mistake

चिढ़ना we know what that mean in Hindi :D

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