profane - Dictionary definition and meaning for word profane

(verb) corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality
Example Sentence
  • debauch the young people with wine and women
  • Socrates was accused of corrupting young men
  • Do school counselors subvert young children?
  • corrupt the morals

(verb) violate the sacred character of a place or language
Synonyms : desecrate , outrage , violate
Example Sentence
  • desecrate a cemetery
  • violate the sanctity of the church
  • profane the name of God

(adj) characterized by profanity or cursing
Synonyms : blasphemous , blue
Example Sentence
  • foul-mouthed and blasphemous
  • blue language
  • profane words

(adj) not concerned with or devoted to religion
Synonyms : secular
Example Sentence
  • sacred and profane music
  • secular drama
  • secular architecture
  • children being brought up in an entirely profane environment

(adj) not holy because unconsecrated or impure or defiled
(adj) grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred
Synonyms : blasphemous , sacrilegious
Example Sentence
  • blasphemous rites of a witches' Sabbath
  • profane utterances against the Church
  • it is sacrilegious to enter with shoes on

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for profane

PROPANE - propane being unextinguishable is not allowed in mosques/temples etc.
23       5

by userdce

when a person is a fan" of porn" films then he is voliated from the good ppl'z gang
15       5

by nikhilsuhas

threw propane gas on the idol to desecrate it.
1       0

by vikas023

profane=peevish+rogue+fan,if some one is a fan of rogue,it means u will not respect the sacred things
0       16

by anudeep meka

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