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    parry - Dictionary definition and meaning for word parry

    (noun) (fencing) blocking a lunge or deflecting it with a circular motion of the sword Definition
    (noun) a return punch (especially by a boxer)
    Synonyms : counter , counterpunch
    (verb) impede the movement of (an opponent or a ball)
    Synonyms : block , deflect
    Example Sentence
    • block an attack
    (verb) avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues)
    Synonyms : circumvent , dodge , duck , elude , evade , fudge , hedge , put off , sidestep , skirt
    Example Sentence
    • He dodged the issue
    • she skirted the problem
    • They tend to evade their responsibilities
    • he evaded the questions skillfully
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for parry

sounds like "Harry" Potter who wards off the curse from Voldemort..

pari- imagine a pari(angel) warding off difficulties .

When somebody harries you , you need to parry the coming blows and you cant be tarry about that!

to manage cleverly to avoid dealing with a difficult question or some criticism (pari )

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parry(pairry~pairy): these days if the male of a pair punches the female, she inturn punching the guy. like boxers a reverse blow/punch to the first blow given.

1. टाल-मटोल (f) 2. बचाव (m) 3. वार बचाना

parry.in hindi sounds like paro(legs),so in fight using ur legs u can defend ur self also u can deflect ur opponent.which is second meaning of the word.

parry- sparring ^.^

Parry means I have shown that I can do it by hitting the my enemy.

khaalla maar PARat kaRY (read in marathi)

Good luck if you can deflect a blow from the Refrigerator Parry

A fielder can carry/parry the ball.

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