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   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lurk

lurk.... when pronounced rhymes like LOOK...so you must look to see if someone is waiting to attack you.?..you should look carefully at your surroundings....(basically it is taken from German lūren which means to lie in wait)

luka hua hai , attack karne ke liye

lurk=clerck....clerks in police station often lurk near the office of senior inspectors so that they can over hear some important newz and then leak them outside to the press and gain money.........:)

Lurk, skulk, sneak, prowl suggest avoiding observation, often because of a sinister purpose. To lurk is to lie in wait for someone or to hide about a place, often without motion, for periods of time..

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behave like "sherelock holmes" or "james bond" :)

lurk sounds like bark..........so the dogs bark only at those moving stealthily(which thieves do)

lurk for the larki to say I Love U

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