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   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tarry

like when Tar gets stuck to your boot, it leaves the boot slowly....

tarry sounds like the hindi word deri.....so a delay in doing something..

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consider the word TARIFF which means paying taxes.. So the merchants will attempt to TARRY the TARIFF

tarry sounds like tardy,so if you tarry, you will be tardy.

tarry sounds like hu(a)rry..hurry is the antonym of tarry

ataTARI chala ...khup late zalele ahe......

Tarry can be thought when a girl says "aa rahi hun"..which means to delay..

boss: y r u late? me: taarey gin ra tha :P

After consuming tarry(tarry in bengali language means wine) you are walking slowly & in curved way

Tarry and Early have a similar sound but they have opposite meanings. Tarry is to dwadle and get late whereas early means, to be punctual or be somewhere before the scheduled time.

john terry always comes late on the football field

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