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    harangue - Dictionary definition and meaning for word harangue

    (noun) a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion
    Synonyms : rant , ranting
    (verb) deliver a harangue to; address forcefully
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for harangue

HARANGUE can be split as har + ang + u + e....so when YOU are ANGry with HAR(her), she is subjected to a long or intensive verbal attack.

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HAR (her) + ANGUE (anger) = she VERBALLY ATTACKED me because of HER ANGER at me.

split it to HAR + LANGUE . HAR = harrass and LANG = language .. hence harangue is harassing language

sounds like HARAYENGE(we will beat them)....Imagine that our leaders are giving earnest speech on how we are going to beat terrorism....

Har angle se anger hai us harangue bhasan me to.

it sounds like hang.. when some1 hangs, he/she remains in the same state for long..

HAR - RANG ... her angry voice RANG in my ears.

Harangue like an Orang-it-ange while giving a pompous speech.

its sounds like,her ring.imagine u in a gathering and u r expressing ur feelings and emotions loudly and boldly to ur gf.

usne itna lamba speech diya ki mai HARANGUE(amazed) ho gaya.

harangue = har (her) + angue(angry); when she is in angry mode scroll everyone harshly.

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