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    entrance - Dictionary definition and meaning for word entrance

    (noun) something that provides access (to get in or get out)
    Synonyms : entranceway , entree , entry , entryway
    Example Sentence
    • they waited at the entrance to the garden
    • beggars waited just outside the entryway to the cathedral
    (noun) a movement into or inward
    Synonyms : entering
    (noun) the act of entering
    Synonyms : entering , entry , incoming , ingress
    Example Sentence
    • she made a grand entrance
    (verb) attract; cause to be enamored
    Example Sentence
    • She captured all the men's hearts
    (verb) put into a trance
    Synonyms : spellbind
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for entrance

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EN + TRANCE - IN A TRANCE - hypnotised, held spellbound.

When u saw Beautiful Girls in the ENTERANCE of the hall " U R SPELL BOUNDED"...

GRE an 'Entrance' exam. for pursuing higher studies from abroad, vocab learning is now getting 'fascinated/attractive' using mnemonics.

in the trance (transcendental) abode of krishna

Try to Combine these two words to form "Entrance":'Entice'(lure,attract)+'Fragrance'->I was 'enticed' by the heavenly smell of her 'fragrance' at the entrance

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