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    beleaguer - Dictionary definition and meaning for word beleaguer

    (verb) annoy persistently
    Synonyms : badger , bug , pester , tease
    Example Sentence
    • The children teased the boy because of his stammer
    (verb) surround so as to force to give up
    Synonyms : besiege , circumvent , hem in , surround
    Example Sentence
    • The Turks besieged Vienna
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for beleaguer

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not able to withstand the HARASSMENT of the senior players the new player opted to BE out of the LEAGUE

The opponent team attacked Dhanraj Pille to keep him out of the premier hockey LEAGUE

rem as bully-ger...we all are aware of bullies in school...the strong boys who pester and terrorize others..

be+league+r -- focus on league ~ The opponent team harassed Dhanraj Pille to keep him out of the premier hockey LEAGUE.

BE +League= In rugBY LEAGUE ,opponents attack each other.(give stress on last 2 word of rugBY,it soungs like BE,and in totality :rug By(BE)league)

the australians beleaguered harbhajan singh.

beleaguer== in barclays premier league man utd. harass everyone.

BELEAGUER(Pronounce as bullyger)bully + german -- german was bullying other countries during hitlers dictatorship..

Be an Awami leaguer and attack people, harass girls.

BE+LEAGUEer....my senior warned me to be in his league lest he would harass me


be+league--- someone forcefully says BE in LEAGUE, so PUTTING IN DIFFICULT SITUATION

boys parents where training him so that he should BE selected in the LEAGUE

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