burlesque - Dictionary definition and meaning for word burlesque

(noun) a theatrical entertainment of broad and earthy humor; consists of comic skits and short turns (and sometimes striptease) Definition
(noun) a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way Definition
(verb) make a parody of
Synonyms : parody , spoof
Example Sentence
  • The students spoofed the teachers
(adj) relating to or characteristic of a burlesque
Example Sentence
  • burlesque theater

Memory aid to help you memorize this

if you want to ridicule Barclays premier league than you can write Burlesque premier league.
28        7
burlesque..can be pronounced as bure log in hindi..wha do bad ppl do?? ridicule others..
19        30
burlesque~(burles)girls+(que)queue = when lots of beautiful girls go to college everyday , some handsome, dashing boys make a queue near the gate of the college to burlesque the girls.
7        9
If somebody jumps the QUEue, people hurl(~BURL) abusES on that person...Mockery and imitation are common forms of abuses....
3        5
BURLESQUE.... a burly person will always mock at others.
2        1
Burl~girl: The girl at circus imitated the joker for fun..
1        3
BURLESQUE = BURY + RESQUE. I want either to bury or rescue myself before they insult me in this CARICATURE/PARODY
1        0
ur-your,,that means ,mentioning to the same person ,who has said,,that means imitate.and ,how to imitate, imitate with a que(used in billiards)..
0        47
Burle (charle) + rescue= imagine charle is mocking a rescuer.
0        4

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