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    badger - Dictionary definition and meaning for word badger

    (noun) a native or resident of Wisconsin
    Synonyms : wisconsinite
    (noun) sturdy carnivorous burrowing mammal with strong claws; widely distributed in the northern hemisphere Definition
    (verb) annoy persistently
    Synonyms : beleaguer , bug , pester , tease
    Example Sentence
    • The children teased the boy because of his stammer
    (verb) persuade through constant efforts
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for badger

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BAD GIRL.....bad girls always annoy people

bad+ger(gen) gen means people. badgers are always annoying.

badger ~ beggar; Imagine some annoying beggar woman !!

Think of "badger" as a vain military officer with a lot of badges pinned on to his uniform...he keeps pestering everyone to make note of his achievements...so badger = "pester, annoy or harass"!

army wear badge, so they are badger. they annoy people persistently.

BAD+GERms==always bother us. so badger means bother

the multi- 'bagger'(sounds like badger) stock ideas advert on this website is very irritating annoying and pestering

badgers are like stalker who never cease to pester, irritate and annoy

badger = bazar .. annoys us

Divide it like bad+ ger (gen, generation): gen means people. Today's bad generation can really annoy their parents.

It sounds like anger...badger...anger so u can rembe rit

Sound the buzzer frequently to badger people.

remember your class topper in scholl who embosses a BADGEar all the students of the class ANOY AND PESTER him by asking doubts AGAIN AND AGAIN

begger on signal asking again and again

Word used in video below:
text: lovelies i'm mrs badger the farmer hello
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