atrocious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word atrocious

(adj) shockingly brutal or cruel
Synonyms : flagitious , grievous , monstrous
Example Sentence
  • murder is an atrocious crime
  • a grievous offense against morality
  • a grievous crime
  • no excess was too monstrous for them to commit
(adj) exceptionally bad or displeasing
Example Sentence
  • atrocious taste
  • abominable workmanship
  • an awful voice
  • dreadful manners
  • a painful performance
  • terrible handwriting
  • an unspeakable odor came sweeping into the room
(adj) provoking horror
Synonyms : frightful , horrible , horrifying , ugly
Example Sentence
  • an atrocious automobile accident
  • a frightful crime of decapitation
  • an alarming, even horrifying, picture
  • war is beyond all words horrible
  • an ugly wound

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a terror like..
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a+ terror + city + us, which is very bad, unpleasant & very cruel and shocking
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