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    odious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word odious

    (adj) unequivocally detestable
    Example Sentence
    • abominable treatment of prisoners
    • detestable vices
    • execrable crimes
    • consequences odious to those you govern
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for odious

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hate people with bad odour(odious) and high audio(odious)

the word reminds us of ODOUR, when we get bad odour from someone ...we tend to DISLIKE or DEVELOP AN AVERSION for that person..

originally it is taken from latin word odisse means to HATE....ODIOUS MEANS something detestable, hatful...abhorrent

remember garfield and odi...?? garfield HATES odi. so anything with the prefix odi+ is detestable

ODI+oUS ....ODI MATCHES.afterTHE test match in aus...BUCKNER IS-the most HATED umpire among indians...so we dont want to see him DOING UMPIRING IN ODI matches ..so a strong feeling of HATRED against BUCKNER in US.

after the arrival of T-20...everybody hated ODI now...!!!

Kannada: Odi => Run ... U run away from what u hate!.

ODIOUS rhymes with adieu(which means goodbye)..Everyone loves "hellos" and everyone hates "goodbyes"...so odious=hateful

odious -> odi( ran in tamil) ous(lovers) are arousing strong dislike; hateful by parents

odi-us is like odor-us because-you-stink!

You hate(odious) to do 'odd' jobs.

Word used in video below:
text: odious woman what does my mom want
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