odious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word odious

(adj) unequivocally detestable
Example Sentence
  • abominable treatment of prisoners
  • detestable vices
  • execrable crimes
  • consequences odious to those you govern

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for odious

hate people with bad odour(odious) and high audio(odious)
21       1

by yasha

the word reminds us of ODOUR, when we get bad odour from someone ...we tend to DISLIKE or DEVELOP AN AVERSION for that person..
10       1

by kvsharat

originally it is taken from latin word odisse means to HATE....ODIOUS MEANS something detestable, hatful...abhorrent
8       12

by preetisoni2411

remember garfield and odi...?? garfield HATES odi. so anything with the prefix odi+ is detestable
5       1

by jahnavi89

ODI+oUS ....ODI MATCHES.afterTHE test match in aus...BUCKNER IS-the most HATED umpire among indians...so we dont want to see him DOING UMPIRING IN ODI matches ..so a strong feeling of HATRED against BUCKNER in US.
4       12

by preetisoni2411

after the arrival of T-20...everybody hated ODI now...!!!
4       0

by sravan1411

Kannada: Odi => Run ... U run away from what u hate!.
2       1

by Abhinandan_217

ODIOUS rhymes with adieu(which means goodbye)..Everyone loves "hellos" and everyone hates "goodbyes"...so odious=hateful
1       1

by joeytrib

odious -> odi( ran in tamil) ous(lovers) are arousing strong dislike; hateful by parents
1       0

by sansecretcp

odi-us is like odor-us because-you-stink!
0       1

by Yank

You hate(odious) to do 'odd' jobs.
0       0

by coolme

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