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Short Definition : curious; suggesting puzzlement (without saying); questioning; teasing; mocking; bantering; Ex. quizzical glance

(adj) playfully vexing (especially by ridicule)
Synonyms : mocking , teasing
Example Sentence
  • his face wore a somewhat quizzical almost impertinent air

(adj) perplexed (as if being expected to know something that you do not know)
Synonyms : questioning
Example Sentence
  • he had a quizzical expression

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for quizzical

quizzical =quizz+comical =quizz(curious) in a comical(teasing,mocking) way
21       1

by pallavi_limat

FOCUS ON QUIZZ+ICAL..quizes increase curiosity.
4       2

by preetisoni2411

quizzical =quizz+comical =quizz(curious) in a comical(teasing,mocking) way
3       2

by pallavi_limat

how you feel in a difficult quiz?
0       1

by gregarious gary


Short Definition : minimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting

(noun) a gathering of the minimal number of members of an organization to conduct business
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for quorum

for status quo, u need a minimum number of people
32       6

by daringdavin

quorus is a group of people singing a line. The minimum number of people required for singing is one - quorum (singular) :)
21       2

by garrulous

The core persons for a meeting - quorum
4       0

by AndrewVarghese

Quorum - QUantity (number)+ scRUM (Daily Status Meeting). Number of persons in scrum (daily status meeting)
1       1

by Jugadu

quorum is a forum.for the forum there needs to minimum number of people for to conduct a discussion
1       0

by sacrosant

core persons of forum needed for meeting
0       0

by Thisisnotme

"maintain the de(QUORUM) of the house", decorum could be maintained only minimal members are present or it is a mess
0       0

by post.suyash


Short Definition : daily; commonplace; customary; Ex. quotidian routine

(adj) found in the ordinary course of events
Example Sentence
  • a placid everyday scene
  • it was a routine day
  • there's nothing quite like a real...train conductor to add color to a quotidian commute

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for quotidian

split it as "quote+indian".QUOTE AN INDIAN every day. Newspapers quote opinions of Indians everyday.. so its a DAILY occurence,customary
53       4

by k-electron

akin to quote. A quote is told repeatedly - i.e., a cliche.
12       2

by garrulous

Qoutidian=Quoted every day
12       0

by rakei

Thought of the day or the quote is a regular mundane thing
2       0

by aroraraman309

Remember the movie 3 idiots in which the QUOTE OF DEAN is always REPEATING
2       0

by yubaraj

A common feature of the Shadowmoon Valley Zone is the continual bombarded by chat messages of what Illidan Stormrage is saying. Think: Quote Illidan.
1       0

by Rodeokinney

quiti (quota) in a day ie daily mundane work
1       0

by aeshley

while dividing we have to take the quotient not the reminder it is customary, daily,
1       0

by sansecretcp

0       13

by sn271081 there are very few words with Q
0       1


0       0

by Salman

Quotidian work of wearing coat in the court.
0       0

by nupur10000

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