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    welter - Dictionary definition and meaning for word welter

    (noun) a confused multitude of things Definition
    (verb) toss, roll, or rise and fall in an uncontrolled way
    Example Sentence
    • The shipwrecked survivors weltered in the sea for hours
    (verb) roll around,
    Synonyms : wallow
    Example Sentence
    • pigs were wallowing in the mud
    (verb) be immersed in
    Example Sentence
    • welter in work
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for welter

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I would remember it as 'world tour'. so you are planning for a world tour, but 'confused' as where to start from, because there are quite a lot countries to be covered. Hence 'confused due to multiple things'.

I fell into a WELL of TAR to get drenched and entangled in it.

WHEN PRONOUNCED sounds like WET in WATER....SO WHEN you went to visit sunder bans you suddently fell into mud thus you became wet due to muddy water.

Welter is like helter-skelter. Welter means a state of turmoil, while helter-skelter means, in a disorderly haste...thereby showing a confusion.

Split it up into WET(WEL)+WATER(TER).So, yu lie soaked in water with a confused look on yur face as wat to do next?

well - jalian waala bagh ~ 1. turmoil 2. people soaked in blood

welter sounds like wilderness. The wilderness produces a welter of paths. When you get lost in the wilderness, you would welter about, wandering which one of the paths to go.

When a WELTERweight boxer gets punched in the head, he becomes confused.

During World Tour where to take SHELTER...its confusing due to multiple hotels..Hence it WELTERS choosing SHELTER during WORLd TOur...

the well+water(welter) is drinkable or not confused and it look like rolled with mud

welter = wel + ter read in hindi . wel mai ter means kue mai tair .. swimming kar . agar aisa koi aapko kahe tohu ll confuse wot he was saying .. he is mad .

When you go to a hotel and shout " Waiter" there is a turmoil amongst the waiter. They get confused about who has been called and hence a confused multitude of things start to happen. Syn : bewildered

WELL (Wel) THERE(Ter) are many restaurants here that serve good food

pigs welter in mud as they dont have shelter.

WALTER VETRIVEL- the confused chaotic satyaraj movie

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