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    wallow - Dictionary definition and meaning for word wallow

    (noun) a puddle where animals go to wallow Definition
    (noun) an indolent or clumsy rolling about
    Example Sentence
    • a good wallow in the water
    (verb) devote oneself entirely to something; indulge in to an immoderate degree, usually with pleasure
    Example Sentence
    • Wallow in luxury
    • wallow in your sorrows
    (verb) roll around,
    Synonyms : welter
    Example Sentence
    • pigs were wallowing in the mud
    (verb) rise up as if in waves
    Synonyms : billow
    Example Sentence
    • smoke billowed up into the sky
    (verb) be ecstatic with joy
    Synonyms : rejoice , triumph
    (verb) delight greatly in
    Example Sentence
    • wallow in your success!
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for wallow

Wild Buffalo: A wild buffalo likes to wallow itself in mud.

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look for wall in word wallow and imagine a wall surrounding you which is not allowing you to go anywhere, which makes u helpless

Indulge in Love - Love Failure - SWALLOW Poison - Roll in Pain - Become Helpless

when we (s)wallow food insulges in our body ..

Wallow rhymes wid shallow...One wallows himself in a shallow sea,i.e rolls in sand:)

wall low, people going under the wall by rolling

wallow->wall + low(fall) .when you fall from wall you land up in mud and you roll around to save ur legs from strain.

wallow....pigs wallow in dirty water.wal low..if wall is low children vil jump and wallow in pond and wallow means helpless too.if wall is surronding u and u cant jump off it ul feel helpless

If you add an 's' to wallow, it becomes swallow...one wallows in his success and sometimes, even has to swallow his pride... both words show the state of emotions.

"Wall" + "Low" -> Surronded by low wall you can indulge in whatever you want because it saves you from prying eyes.

wallooo wed.. walloon the loalane

marsh mallow -everybody loves indulging in them

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