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    unwieldy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word unwieldy

    (adj) difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape
    Synonyms : unmanageable
    Example Sentence
    • we set about towing the unwieldy structure into the shelter
    • almost dropped the unwieldy parcel
    (adj) difficult to work or manipulate
    Example Sentence
    • unwieldy rules and regulations
    (adj) lacking grace in movement or posture
    Synonyms : clumsy , clunky , gawky , ungainly
    Example Sentence
    • a gawky lad with long ungainly legs
    • clumsy fingers
    • what an ungainly creature a giraffe is
    • heaved his unwieldy figure out of his chair
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for unwieldy

un+wieldy...WIELD(y) rhymes with WELD...that which can be WELDED is easily changeable or MANAGEABLE. so WIELDY is EASILY MANAGEABLE. and unwieldy is the opposite

un-yeildy = not yeilding = unmanagable

u might want to UNload those unmanageable groceries w/ a WIEL-(wheel)-barrel

un+wieldy(yeild,field) ->Difficult to carry or manage because of size, shape, weight, or complexity.

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Unwieldy and Lumpy, mean something heavy, cumbersome.

Unwieldy---un+wield(near to wild)+y--anything wild or awkward looking thing is unwieldy.

if iron (suppose a gun) is not welded properly it will look awkward

Anything with a Wheel can be easily moved and managed. Unwieldy ~~ Unwheely - difficult to manage

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