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    umbrage - Dictionary definition and meaning for word umbrage

    (noun) a feeling of anger caused by being offended
    Synonyms : offence , offense
    Example Sentence
    • he took offence at my question
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for umbrage

notice the last 4 letters...RAGE.And then umbrella =shade, rage=anger and resentment.

umbrage == angrez ..who ruled India for a 100 years were very insulting to the Indians.

we grew great resentment to Dolores Umbridge:X <img src="http://api.ning.com/files/PEzUw2o8g1xBx77w9jvlz*oNedgvSjxs2JPivRe6tPGV88QYCSV26FYJK6JfwUTeQMKLv8SAYNeFDTL2J1AutdmFnAJtpKji/Dolores_Umbridge_headshot.jpg" width=40 height=40>

umbrage= um bra rage. he got a fit of RAGE as she dint undo her BRA = UMBRAGE

sounds like curtley EMBROSE , westindies player ..to whom sachin hits 3 sixes in a row and so he is in Umbrage (really angry)

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Umbrage and enrage are similar in sound and both mean, anger.

remeber proff umbridge in harry potter..wasnt she bad,offensive.

umbrella rage...when its raining and there are so many umbrellas out that you get poked in the eye...therefore angry and injured!

someone says something offensive and you say "ummmm" with undertones of rage!

umbrage -> Umbrella ragging,sense of injury or insult,anger.

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