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    decipher - Dictionary definition and meaning for word decipher

    (verb) convert code into ordinary language
    Synonyms : decode , decrypt
    (verb) read with difficulty
    Synonyms : trace
    Example Sentence
    • Can you decipher this letter?
    • The archeologist traced the hieroglyphs
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for decipher

CIPHER means CODE so DeCipher means DeCode

deci- this resembles decimals. if u can assume, codes in the films are in decimals. and decoded using the same.

in digital we conver ASCII numbers to decimal which are in binary form.so its conversion or decode

while transferring over internet we can cipher/Decipher text

Decipher= De(detect)+ Ciher( a code)..means to detect or decode a code.

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de+cyber-> DECODING internet code

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