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    transient - Dictionary definition and meaning for word transient

    (noun) one who stays for only a short time
    Example Sentence
    • transient laborers
    (noun) (physics) a short-lived oscillation in a system caused by a sudden change of voltage or current or load Definition
    (adj) of a mental act; causing effects outside the mind
    Synonyms : transeunt
    (adj) lasting a very short time
    Example Sentence
    • the ephemeral joys of childhood
    • a passing fancy
    • youth's transient beauty
    • love is transitory but it is eternal
    • fugacious blossoms
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for transient

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remember transient light and transient current.... that we studied in physics.....which produce an effect for a very short time...

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Latin transient- ‘going across,’ from the verb transire, from trans- ‘across’ + ire ‘go.’

in transit:i.e. have to stay for some time,temporary stay

TRANSIENT which means unstable or momentary is the opposite of CONSTANT which refers to stability, something stable.

Transient means 'passing over' or 'crossing over'. So, any thing passing over or crossing over will be available for short period of time and hence will be "short lived".

Forest-Hobos (half ent-half human) in trance (trans) moving from city to city like zombies ready to eat your head.

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