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    tenuous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tenuous

    (adj) having thin consistency
    Example Sentence
    • a tenuous fluid
    (adj) very thin in gauge or diameter
    Example Sentence
    • a tenuous thread
    (adj) lacking substance or significance
    Synonyms : flimsy , fragile , slight , thin
    Example Sentence
    • slight evidence
    • a tenuous argument
    • a thin plot
    • a fragile claim to fame
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tenuous

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this word sound very close to TENNIS....and most of the female TENNIS PLAYERS ARE VERY SLIM AND THIN...

TENUOUS can be split as TEN+US,so TEN of us goin to USa together,the chances are very SLIM and it'll be a RARITY

Tenuous comes from Attenuate. Attenuate means to make thin.

tenous...this word it extracted from Latin tenuis means...thin, slight...

split it "Ten+of+us". It is a rare possiblity that ten of us will accomodate in car

this word is delibrately mispronounced some times as tenyeas....tenyears....so your ten years daughter is very thin.........and slim.....

tenuous can be related to tension..in tension a person is weak....

Read TENUOUS as 'TEN of U vs twO of US', so when ur only two against ten, u become "WEAK AND INSUBSTANTIAL"( Insubstantial : lacking strength and solidity ).

tenuous sounds like "Thin" and fragile

Tenuous and Bulbous are rhyming words with different meanings. Tenuous is something slim or thin while Bulbous is something fat and round .

me playin TENNIS is a tenuous idea

TEN+US....the plane we hired to go to gre could manage only 10 people because the plane was TENUOUS

though ten of us are thin ,its very rare to fit in the car

TEN of US can only cook a TENUOUS dish... for too many cooks spoil the dish..

tenuous = tenis. tenis players(female) are thin and generally lack substance - they are more hype.

ten u or us:so doubtful,uncertain; tender: easily broken so must be thin

tenuous-sounds like strenuous. under strain we become fragile and thin

Tenuous sound like tender, and tender meat is soft/flimsy

think about Tin can which is thin

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