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    steadfast - Dictionary definition and meaning for word steadfast

    (adj) marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable
    Example Sentence
    • firm convictions
    • a firm mouth
    • steadfast resolve
    • a man of unbendable perseverence
    • unwavering loyalty
    (adj) firm and dependable especially in loyalty
    Synonyms : staunch , unswerving
    Example Sentence
    • a steadfast ally
    • a staunch defender of free speech
    • unswerving devotion
    • unswerving allegiance
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for steadfast

steadfast~stood + first ; One who has always STOOD with you and is the FIRST one to help you is a LOYAL friend. Another meaning - Always STEADY so unswerving

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STEADFAST-- Split as STEADY+fast someone who is steady always

stead+fast...STEAD(substitute)...Coach choses that substitute(STEAD) FAST, who is the FIRM, LOYAL player in the team.

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