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    splenetic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word splenetic

    (adj) of or relating to the spleen
    Synonyms : lienal , splenic
    (adj) very irritable
    Synonyms : bristly , prickly , waspish
    Example Sentence
    • bristly exchanges between the White House and the press
    • he became prickly and spiteful
    • witty and waspish about his colleagues
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for splenetic

Note that many of the words with roots from body organs mean irritable. Examples: splenetic, spleen, bilious, atrabilious, dyspeptic, livery, and liverish.

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SPLENETIC ,when u have a pain in the spleen,u get ILL-TEMPERED

it is like when you hav a kinetic but doesn't start you will become splenetic

Sounds like he is very much planetic i.e very much thinking no plan is suit for him.

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