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    scad - Dictionary definition and meaning for word scad

    (noun) any of a number of fishes of the family Carangidae
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Scad == Sc + Ad. Scads of ads coming on TV nowadays.Scads=scores+ads

Remember scanty means less/greedy......this is its antonym and it means "great in quantity".

scad - ad~add...

remember it from SQUAD...whenever there is a crime in USA, SCAD of Squads arrive at the scene

serial mai add bahut aate hain

SCAD or MYRIAD which are somewhat similar in sound also have the same meaning, which is - a large quantity, a multitude of something.

sc(see or c) + ad(add) >>> when watching a film on tv, their are many nuber of add's cooming..

sounds squad>>> it means a group or large number of people for an operation

SC caste people will have lot of ADvantages

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