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    saturnine - Dictionary definition and meaning for word saturnine

    (adj) bitter or scornful
    Example Sentence
    • the face was saturnine and swarthy, and the sensual lips...twisted with disdain
    (adj) showing a brooding ill humor
    Synonyms : dark , dour , glowering , glum , moody , morose , sour , sullen
    Example Sentence
    • a dark scowl
    • the proverbially dour New England Puritan
    • a glum, hopeless shrug
    • he sat in moody silence
    • a morose and unsociable manner
    • a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius
    • a sour temper
    • a sullen crowd
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for saturnine

Saturn = Shani, Shani = makes wrong things happen in one's life (astronomically) so meaning = gloomy, unhappy, morose.Just remember saturns rings-->glommy,dull,faroff planet .

If you are a party freak and At Nine of Saturday Night if you are still at home..then you will be gloomy! So from this we can get SATURday NINE!

nine rings of Saturn considered gloomy

The planet Saturn was believed to be made of LEAD. SATURNINE is the depression associated with lead poisoning.

saturnine = satur( satru means enemy) + nine ; Those ppl who have nine enemy is always bad doing wrong things remains unhappy & attack by other right ppl.

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SATURNINE or SULLEN - someone having a gloomy temperament.

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