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    reproach - Dictionary definition and meaning for word reproach

    (noun) a mild rebuke or criticism
    Example Sentence
    • words of reproach
    (noun) disgrace or shame
    Example Sentence
    • he brought reproach upon his family
    (verb) express criticism towards
    Synonyms : upbraid
    Example Sentence
    • The president reproached the general for his irresponsible behavior
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for reproach

divide it as re(again..)+proach(..approach).. you ask someone to APPROACH AGAIN & AGAIN since you DISAPPROVE OF HIS WORK..(eg during submissions)

If u see a cockRROACH, u express disapproval!

RE + POACH (killing animals).. Sallu (Salman Khan) is killing Chinkara again and again. You express DISAPPROVAL and DISSAPOINTMENT. He is a total disgrace or shame to INDIA

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you REPrimand someone for bringing a ROACH into the house

when you are rejected by a gal., and you approach again and again, she'll disapprove oly. gals are head weighted.

re(AGAIN..)+proach(..APPROACH).. we APPROACH our project professor AGAIN & AGAIN..to get valuable suggestions so that nobody EXPRESS DISAPPOINTMENT or BLAME our project during project’s presentation

why do u reproach to someone because dey SCOLDED u

somebody is approaching you again and again because he has to blame you

Coach reproach the cricket team for bad performance.

reproach->Approach.If you have approach for a post in MNC,you are not going to be selected.Not only that they will scold you for doing such type of immoral work.

If u appROACH again and again.. He may get DISAPPOINTED.

sounds like re+poaching-poaching means smuggling ie.illegal.....so if u r poaching again and again =>u will be criticised

to repoach would gain reproach (especially if poaching a roach)

A sales REP was criticized when she brought her pet ROACH to the store with her.

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