upbraid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word upbraid

(verb) express criticism towards
Synonyms : reproach
Example Sentence
  • The president reproached the general for his irresponsible behavior

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elders criticize severely if their girls UP their BRA
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braid means hairdo(hairstyle). upbraid means destroy hairdo. In hindi baal khinchna. If teacher rebukes or scolds you, he/she pulls your hair.
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It has the word raid in it , it implies when sm1 raids your house and finds black money , u will be scolded very badly
14        6
up + bra : girls dont do it here or ..
4        5
ladki ki choti kheechna is extremely reprimanded
2        3
upBRAID. Relate BRAID with BRIDE. When you catch up a bride who's eloped, you scold her severly and reprimand her.
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Upbraid and Deprecate have somewhat similar meanings. The words mean, express disapproval of, reprimand.
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A BRAID(plait) is a pattern formed by intertwining three or more strands of flexible material such as textile fibres, wire, or human hair so u r asking a girl to lift her braid (upbraid)tie up over n ask her to walk mean(criticize
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give up bribe above the bike openly so policeman severely scolded him
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UPper class people often faces RAIDS....
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Up(coming) + raid ; If someone comes to raid ur house, you will first try to scold or Critize him, to woo him off..
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