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    ostracize - Dictionary definition and meaning for word ostracize

    (verb) expel from a community or group
    Synonyms : ban , banish , blackball , cast out , ostracise , shun
    (verb) avoid speaking to or dealing with
    Synonyms : ostracise
    Example Sentence
    • Ever since I spoke up, my colleagues ostracize me
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ostracize

ostRACISM .. racism leads to groupism and excluding a group from the public is to OSTRACIZE.

He was ostracize because he was OSTRich sIZed

Ostracism or ostracize: Remembered as "OYE EXTRA SIZE" if you become overweight or over size people will exclude/ban you..

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Ostrecize = Oz. (for australia) + Criticized ( for sledging, aggresion on field etc) = Isolated or seperated ,Avoided by all Regards, Maddy

ostracize: phonetically similar to austere life, austere : stern life, not ornated , simple; which happens when you are banished from public favor.

ost (oust) + racize (race) = oust a race, therefore, social exclusion or ban.

IMAGINE this--in LKG ramu was Osterized by the other students as they heard that he ate octopus daily(thinking he is wierd)

cize sounds like siege means to ban

Ostracized = os (operating system) + tra + cize(size); The operating system has been seize from the list i.e the list is make short.

I am ostrich size so my friends avoid speaking to or dealing with

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