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Try to extract out two words from it... <ol style="padding-left:50px"><li>NOSE</li><li>NOISE</li></ol>.. Hence <b>NOISOME</b> is something that makes <i>NOISE</i> in our <i>NOSE</i>

when you fart in a silence its noisome which spreads out foul smell in a room

a Noisy fart is less Noisome(smelly) than a silent killer- If you know what I mean ;)

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noisome sounds somewhat like noise..which is irritating

"no its not me"...:)

nose+some = something which is bad for nose...

Remember noisome as something which causes nausea(irritation and vomiting) which is what an extremely unpleasent smell causes.......so noisome = causing nausea.

it pertains to the smell sensors rather than the hearing sensors as the word suggests

Annoy-some; an offending smell annoys, hence noisome.

it sound like full of noise.....and when its noisy its unpleasant. So it means unpleasant, disgusting.

noisome=no+is+ome(one)....no one is there bcoz of foul smell

noisome -> nei(ghee in tamil) some added, unpleasant or foul smell for few people

An-noisome---something which irritates us;causes disgust

U farted and then u said "NO ITS NOT ME".. the whole room was full of foul smell..A noisome fart

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