Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for fetid

when fat people "bomb", its all stinking and foul-smelling .. just to remember

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Feet-ID.. When you clock in for work, there is a new scanner, you have to show your STINKY feet to the scanner as ID :))

Feet smells bad

a new born foetus (baby) will stinks. FoETus dID stinks.

FetID and RancID are synonyms.

That Fat did it(Fart) So thats why it stinks.

Fetid cheese has a bad smell, so therefore it is fetid.

Many people think feta cheese (fetid) has a bad smell.

Feta+Hide He was trying to hide his feta because its FOUL SMELL

Fetid air because of the fart from this fat kid


the fe(e)t (d)id stink

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