murky - Dictionary definition and meaning for word murky

(adj) (of liquids) clouded as with sediment
Synonyms : cloudy , mirky , muddy , turbid
Example Sentence
  • a cloudy liquid
  • muddy coffee
  • murky waters
(adj) dark or gloomy
Synonyms : mirky
Example Sentence
  • a murky dungeon
  • murky rooms lit by smoke-blackened lamps

Memory aid to help you memorize this

in telugu "murki" means dirty,so dirty is obviously dark
29        13
look for the hindi word mur..murtyu..means death when someone who is on his /her death him/her life will appear DARK AND GLOOMY. there all means of living have ended. basically taken from myrkr means dark, darkness
6        10
murky - Nurky i.e. like a nurk (hell)
5        2
Murky > Murgi? Murgi bhaag gayi, couldn't catch it because it was > Dark, gloomy, vague, thick with fog! Actually visibility kum the yaar!
4        8
sounds like "darky"
3        9
murky = mu(munsoon)+r(rainy)+ ky (sky) = which is dark and gloomy
2        3
sounds like nark(hell)-dark n gloomy
2        0
murky=mur+ky -mud+key...if key of ur bike falls in mud n u lose it then it is definitely going depress u.
1        6
sound like dirty and blurry, which it is!
1        2
murky-> murgi, if you murgi dies you will be gloomy.
1        1
sounds milky .. which is hazy, unclear or vague
0        1
murky - if some1 in ure lie dies, ure life becomes dark and gloomy
0        3
u generally lurk in dark places
0        1

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