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    effete - Dictionary definition and meaning for word effete

    (adj) marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay
    Synonyms : decadent
    Example Sentence
    • a decadent life of excessive money and no sense of responsibility
    • a group of effete self-professed intellectuals
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for effete

effete...ef+fete..feet...so when you walk for longer distances on your feet, you feel completely worn out......as if you are lacking in power .......

relate the word with defeat..which means losing ones power

Ef+FETE.. Concentrate on the secind part, it sounds like Fatigue, which means drained out of energy or exhausted,worn out...!

power in a person or human is said to be in our feet thumb.And the feet thumb is present in the feet.so if there is an effect ,probly a bad effect to your feet(fete), that means u have lost ur inner or original power and ur feet is worn out and u are

it sounds like defeat ,if we were defeated we lose power n our power vanishes

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effete...e+fetus, i.e. WORN OUT by bearing young(fetus)

Eff ete - F it, I give up, gonna go have some shennanigans

eff-efficiency ete-eat or eaten...

effete sounds like on feet. If you walk long distances on feet, you will be effete (worn out)

effete= take effete is the past tense of effect, i.e. a effect has occurred not it is exhausted.



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