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    credulous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word credulous

    (adj) disposed to believe on little evidence
    Example Sentence
    • the gimmick would convince none but the most credulous
    (adj) showing a lack of judgment or experience
    Example Sentence
    • so credulous he believes everything he reads
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for credulous

gives 'credit' to everything one hears or reads - credulous

a credulous person would fall prey to using a lot of credit cards , since easily conviced by bank callers

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incredible-> unbelievable so 'cred'--> means belief, trust.. credulous means trusting or believing

The only thing I thought was like no street cred, a naive person

who can be easily given CREDit cards so easily deceived by bank ; so one who trust blindly

C(see)+REDulous....I can see red flower even n a desert because I BELIEVE....

credulous ,c-see red- raid my wife has found me (raid) with one girltaking and my wife suspect me to have affair with her without much evidence

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