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    misanthrope - Dictionary definition and meaning for word misanthrope

    (noun) someone who dislikes people in general
    Synonyms : misanthropist
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for misanthrope

"misien"in greek means " to hate" and "anthropos" means "mankind" so misanthrope means one who hates mankind

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Ms.Anthrope hates all humans

Mis-anthrope: miss anthro(pology) -study of human kind. Imagine saving the creatures of the universe, and leaving out humans. How dare you miss humanity ?!

Misanthrope is opposite of philanthropist(is a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others,especially by donating money to good cause),BillGates is a philanthropist he used to donate his property by Bill&MelindaGateFoundatio

anthropology = study of mankind..

MISANTHROPE..its like dis..england batsmen graham THROPE hits evry bowler..dat means he HATES dem

Think "Lycanthrope" because they hate humans and want to eat them

anthropology..relating to mankind miss has a negative meaning( hit & miss) implies one who dislikes people

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