onerous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word onerous

(adj) not easily borne; wearing
Synonyms : burdensome , taxing
Example Sentence
  • the burdensome task of preparing the income tax return
  • my duties weren't onerous; I only had to greet the guests
  • a taxing schedule

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for onerous

it sounds like on+er+us..that is ONUS.. when something is ON US ..we feel burdensome
97       6

by kvsharat

Onerous= one+rous. If u assign much work on ONE person it will be ONErous for him
10       6

by yokel

onerous....can be associated wid owners on us...who r trouble some
7       0

by narenkumar

onerous = sound like owner = when they come to collect the rent you feel always burdensome.
3       0

by rajpt_007

one-rassi.. a lot of things hanging from one string.. so becomes burdensome..
2       0

by abhigyan91

This sounds like generous.... Which is not easy!!!
1       14

by arvind_4

The asses complain: "Our OWNER always put burden on US."
1       0

by marioM

OWNED US - like losing badly in a game of basketball
1       0

by atav

Owner are burden Us
1       1


one-rous in hindi one is 'ek' rous sounds like rasta i.e a path.. so dere is only " ek rasta" means one way out of difficult situation and it requires lot of effort bcoz its very tough....
1       0

by waytogo

The burden is tied ON OUR ASS.
0       0

by Jackery

Owner(PM) will be on us if we dont complete the assigned task in time. We may nt have completed bcoz it requires much effort and is difficult.
0       0

by sameersrinivas90

think as owner.. becoming an owner is a difficult task and involves more effort
0       0

by prasanthpriyanesan

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