maudlin - Dictionary definition and meaning for word maudlin

(adj) effusively or insincerely emotional
Example Sentence
  • a bathetic novel
  • maudlin expressions of sympathy
  • mushy effusiveness
  • a schmaltzy song
  • sentimental soap operas
  • slushy poetry

Memory aid to help you memorize this

when she received a call from the MODELLING company for her appointment, she became EFFUSIVELY SENTIMENTAL and wept a lot.Her dream had come true.
77        6
maudlin = mat ro darling....dont cry,pertaining to sentimental ppl
13        10
Think of maudlin as model is in beauty pageant... All models in pageants keep crying unnecessarily, become effusively sentimental.
5        4
mauldin maula mere maula mere.. rmbr dis song...its tooo sentimental
4        1
mougli - remember jungle book invokes very emotional attachemnt for kids
2        0
Think of Aladdin , which is a highly sentimental movie !
1        12
A maid named MAUD threw out a LINen bag filled with stuffed animals from my childhood. This made me overly sentimental for months.
1        3
Maudlin model after a few drinks.
0        0
Remember about ma(mother) you & din ( the days), so you will go utter emotional when you remember about those days im you childhood with your mother.
0        0
maudlin = ma + u + dlin; The persons in the road are doing maa means mother give something is always foolish person not able to earn.
0        0

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