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    indignant - Dictionary definition and meaning for word indignant

    (adj) angered at something unjust or wrong
    Synonyms : incensed , outraged , umbrageous
    Example Sentence
    • an indignant denial
    • incensed at the judges' unfairness
    • a look of outraged disbelief
    • umbrageous at the loss of their territory
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for indignant

Adding to Rizvi!!!!!indignant = in + dig + n + ant; while you are busy IN DIGging earth- expecting treasure, you find an army of ANTs! you will treat them SCORNFULLY and with ANGER.....


All of the ordinary tax payers in India are angered at the injustice done with the tax they paid when news about different scams were out

indignant == in (a negative prefix) + dignant (resembles dignity) So, what happens when someone questions your dignity? You feel angry and insulted as it is unjust and unworthy.

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