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    comity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word comity

    (noun) a state or atmosphere of harmony or mutual civility and respect
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for comity

comity sounds like come eat with us, which displays courtesy.

Nations around the world build some commitees to grow comity among them.

comity sounds like committee (with civil and courteous members.)

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comity sounds like comedy....when there is comedy everywhere and you crack jokes, it represents friendly feeling coz at that time everyone is happy....

an ity bit different than comedy. Lenny Bruce - seemed disharmonius (worked along side jazz musicians, uncivi (was arrested), and disrespectful (used foul language) but in the end his comedy promoted comity

Comity and Courtesy rhyme

COMITY..Always a committee is formed by general agreement where people show COURTESY and CIVILITY(politeness) to each other.

its like "kaumi ekta" kaumi ekta(Unity and courtesy) with each other can persist when people are civilized

COME ET , though ET was extraterrestrial the boy showed courtesy(politeness) and civility

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