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    reticent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word reticent

    (adj) temperamentally disinclined to talk
    Synonyms : untalkative
    (adj) cool and formal in manner
    Synonyms : restrained , unemotional
    (adj) reluctant to draw attention to yourself
    Synonyms : retiring , self-effacing
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for reticent

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Cent (Saint) is stereotypically reluctant to speak or draw attention to themselves.

50Cent -> talks too much.. on the contrary.. reticent-> talk less

REHTA+SHANT....shant rehne waal i.e a person who doesn't talk or who is reserved in speech....


REserved and silENT

reticent~reti(return) + cent (imagine cent,currency, to be a big amount)...so if you aren't able to return a cent to whom you owe you remain reserved,without communication

retICENT sounds like dECENT,he is decent,he doesn't blabber,he stays calm and reserved.

reticent ~ retire. An old man who is retired speak reticently

If you notice a shy person, they turn RED-AS-A-CENT

retina(reti) + scent(cent) ... one gets "reluctant" to spray scent on his eyes.

if one is RETICENT by nature one would never RETurn a CENT found on the street.

Think of someone you know who has low self-esteem AND quiet, then imagine: S/he often thinks, "I better [RET]ract my thoughts before [I] voice it, because it can't be worth a [CENT] to others."

He RETIred in silENT because he is a QUIET type of person.

+i+ cent; if you ask someone to RETurn the CENT(money) , he doesn’t speak freely

Once 50 cent was reluctant to draw attention towards RAJNIKANT now he is called reticent

When we are Reti-cent we are not-ready-yet to get ourselves in-volved

cent(100)% => he is not giving cent % information i.e., he is hiding something.....

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