Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for impecunious

pecu (read as pesu means money). impec(s)unious who doesn't have money.

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It is IMPossible to C U IN US "Without Money"

Read it like: Inpe kyu nahi yash(money).

IM(not)+PECUNIA is a root for money...hence impecunious means having little or no money.

I just remember and Imp has no money. Its and Imp.

imPEcuNIous..the letters in caps form PENI ie penniless

PE-paise CU-kyun NI-nahi hain with US?

it sounds like iMpeKUNIous->KUNI means murder in we can make a story like"IMPportant KUNI is done by US coz we didnt have money"

im+pecunious: pecunious means rich, so impcunous memans without money

: im+pecunious: pecunious means rich, so impecunious means without money

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