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    figment - Dictionary definition and meaning for word figment

    (noun) a contrived or fantastic idea
    Example Sentence
    • a figment of the imagination
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for figment

"figure+mental" so the figures in ur mind are "imaginary"... ur "thoughts" or "ideas"....

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Figment > Pigment; When you envisage, you use unlimited colors.

figment sound som wat lik filament... of bulb.... was an INVENTION by Thomas Alwa Edison.....may be this mnemonic helps u....

injured ligament needs a figment of medical science to be cured...

figment: contrive,design artificially etc figure maintain karane keliye kareen figment[design,plan]/contrives new idea

figment is something imaginary.think that you made a figure(fig) from your menatal.

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